Do you want to give your baby the best start in life?

Hello my name is Andrea, KidzEd Creator and Educational Kinesiologist.

Activate your baby’s life potential with fun movements, music and more.

During the first twelve months of your baby’s life it is vital that brain connections are properly formed as this influences all of your baby’s future learning – listening, concentration, language development, social skills, reading and writing. It is well documented that when the growing brain receives messages from the muscles through movement, we develop sensory motor integration which is vital for all learning.

A variety of movement is required to positively affect the baby’s growing brain. This is especially relevant today as there are many baby “gadgets” and equipment claiming to assist development, yet so many children are having learning problems by the time they get to pre-school. Most of this equipment does not engage the parent in their baby’s development.

While running KidzEd Fun PhysEd programmes for 1–5 year olds, my client mums wanted a programme they could do with their new babies so that the baby would gain the same physical, mental and social benefits as their KidzEd siblings. So I developed the Baby KidzEd programme. I have been encouraged to bring these fun, hands-on sessions to parents everywhere through the medium of computer technology.

The Baby KidzEd Online programmes, gives you, the parent, resources and the confidence to help your 4-5 month old baby develop the brain connections which positively affect concentration, behaviour, self image and language development. Parents join in with the mothers and babies on screen to do the sessions in the comfort of your own home.

The Baby KidzEd activities, performed daily are provided at weekly intervals. You decide when to move on to the next session.

The computer accessed, Baby KidzEd Online programme includes

* 4 sequential, instructional films provided at weekly intervals to activate your baby’s brain while having a fun, bonding time together.

* 6 important aspects of your baby’s overall development.

* Printable instructions of how to do everything. The rhyme and song words are provided.

* Printable Parent Information topics. Plus more parenting hints on Kidz Ed Facebook.

* Several important diagrams are reprinted with kind permission from Carla Hannaford Ph.D author of “Smart Moves. Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head.” Great River Books, Utah.

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