The Baby KidzEd Programme Introduction

I was running a programme for 1 – 3 year olds called KidzEd Fun PhysEd and as my client’s started having more children, they asked me to develop a programme that would be suitable for under one year olds, so I developed the Baby KidzEd Programme.

This unique course encompasses what I consider to be the most important development activities that could be offered before the baby becomes mobile.

This Baby KidzEd programme is made up of weekly sessions that are developed solely with the aim to benefit the baby’s overall development and to provide a special time when Mum and Dad can spend quality, educational time with their baby, while developing personal confidence to handle and talk to their baby.

The ideal age to start the Baby KidzEd programme is around 4 - 6 months. At this age their eyes are beginning to focus more clearly and the baby is familiar with the touch and the sound of his caregivers.

The Baby KidzEd programme is four weeks long and each session is to be performed daily around about the same time each day, so your baby begins to anticipate the activities and the special time spent one on one, with you.

The activities are extended each week by just a few minutes to gently encourage your baby’s attention span so the time spent doing the programme builds up from 20 minutes during the first week, to 30 minutes at the end of the four weeks.

The Baby KidzEd programme offers movements that encourage the development of baby’s strength, flexibility, co-ordination and rhythm. These structured movements encourage the development of connections in the baby’s brain which create a platform from which all future learning and personal expression is produced.

Many of the developmental movements address the primitive reflexes – helping to develop or integrate these very important physical responses to the environment.

The development and integration of primative reflexes has a most important emotional and social role for the child’s future interpretation and acceptance of the environment around them.

Baby’s physical, mental, emotional and social development is sequential and logical and if any of the milestones or stimulation is missed out early in life, there can be profound or subtle problems for the child at any stage in his life.

In the long term, participation in the Baby KidzEd programme helps to develop other important intrapersonal abilities like social and language skills, concentration, listening, occupying themselves and being happy, confident children!

Read the testimonials on the 'What others say' page about how this has helped my clients babies.

From the time baby is born, every day is important to the child’s overall physical, social and cognitive development. Valuable life skills are being learned and created even at this very tender age. Parental and family participation in the child’s daily development is absolutely essential as parents are the child’s first teachers!

It is important to note, even though the Baby KidzEd course is performed mostly face to face, your baby should spent most of his waking time on THE TUMMY!

Time spent on the tummy is beneficial for eye development, focusing and depth of vision (very important for future time in the classroom!) plus upper body strengthening and breathing. Many of the so called, entertaining and educational gadgets we can purchase encourage lying the baby on his back – this is ineffective for any sort of physical or cognitive development as the hanging items are always the same distance away from the eyes and the supine position encourages a flat or mis-shaped head and baldness! Around four to six months, baby will start to wriggle around on the floor and roll over - a very important core muscle stimulation that has implications with overall body control once the baby starts walking and running. So tummy time on the floor is a most important aspect of natural, sequential development.