Baby KidzEd Course Testimonials





Carla Hannaford PHD February 2013 - Author of "Smart Moves. Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head"

Dear Andrea What a beautiful program – and so right for 4 – 8 month olds. It is very powerful and I’m not surprised that the children who have done it are way ahead of their peers. We are so in need of work like yours right now – and such a good start for parents. I believe parents are over whelmed with information but your program makes it so easy to follow. Parents want to do the right thing for their children and your program also does not require extra equipment – it is so practical. Bless your work, In Joy, Carla. Hawaii

Comment from the Grandmother of one of our filmed babies (now just 2 years old) February 2013

Yes C has been perfect as usual. We took him out to R and L’s for dinner last night. He was pretty perfect and when I said time for bed, grabbed his teddy and said “Goodnight everyone” and blew kisses. I just put him on R’s bed with his quilt and he went to sleep within five minutes. Pretty good considering he had just had a very big helping of pavlova! So was well sugared up. All my life I heard people saying “Grand kids. Love to see them come and love to see them go again”. Not me, I cried when he left. It was so lovely having him for four whole days. Alison. Auckland NZ.

Comment from the Great grandmother of 2 year old C. February 2013

I look after C on Monday’s and I take him to the local pre-school music group. A couple of weeks ago one of the mothers remarked that C was very small! I replied “Well, he isn’t quite two years old yet.” She said “Oh gosh! I thought he was three years old because he talks so well!” Elaine Auckland NZ.

Baby KidzEd Course Testimonials

Julie Quirk re Maddison Quirk. Auckland NZ. October 2012

Maddison attended Baby KidzEd from the age of three to four months. At Baby KidzEd, Maddison experienced fun, hands-on physical exercise where leg and arm movements were encouraged, along with eye tracking exercises, to stimulate left and right brain development.

In conjunction with the activities of Baby KidzEd, Maddison has loving and supportive parents, and spends quality time with extended family, grandparents, aunties and uncles, who encourage her interests in dancing drama and sports along with all of her academic aspirations. Maddison is a very intelligent motivated student with excellent leadership skills. She is a confident and outgoing happy teenager.

Therefore, I believe as a new Mother, attending the Baby Kidzed course gave me the knowledge and skills to continue to nurture the physical development of my baby.

Melanie Forman re Corbin Acraman. Blenheim NZ. September 2012

Corbin (Acraman) is now 13 and is still a high achiever, he is in all “A band” classes at school, particularly excels at Maths. At the end of last year we were told that if he kept going at his current rate they would look at him doing “School Certificate” in Form 4 not Form 5. He’s in the Marlborough Reps team for Soccer and also a Federation Talent Centre that is an invitation only Soccer training scheme nationwide that ultimately can lead to being picked for a pro team if they keep up their enthusiasm and performance. He has always been a very placid child and my “dream boy” although occasionally the hormones kick in and he has a temporary “turn” and then quickly says “sorry Mum” and back to normal, so as far as teens go still can’t complain! His teachers have always spoken very highly of him and a pleasure to teach. He is popular with his peers too.

Hard to know how much is connected to the brain development from your course I guess but I certainly have no complaints as a parent and would recommend doing it.  

Statements written by clients of the KidzEd Fun PhysEd Programmes (10 months to 5 years), held in various Auckland suburbs

Dr Nicola Turner of Howick Auckland NZ.

We (Imogen and Athene) have been attending KidzEd for three terms now. The advantage of KidzEd I see is the combination of the music, movement, dance, rhythm with physical education. It seems the only children’s classes I know of that offers a well balanced approach to early childhood education in offering a stimulating environment for learning across the many facets of the brain ie. It is not just music or PhysEd in isolation but a much more fluid, more complete approach to childhood development.

Debbie Noyer of Glenfield Auckland NZ.

We (Cameron) have been coming to KidzEd for 10 terms and are still really enjoying it. The Brain Gym is excellent. It has been good for Cameron’s co-ordination and people skills. Cameron has just been assessed as gifted and I attribute some of this to KidzEd and Andrea.

Katie White Reg. Nurse of Sunnynook Auckland NZ.

Luke has been going since he was 10 months old. It has greatly helped his co-ordination and counting and he loves dancing and music. He often does KidzEd during his play and sings the songs. Definitely a must for all young children.

Helen Ottow of Orakei Auckland NZ.

Aleisha has been coming to KidzEd for well over 12 months now and really loves it. However, when she first began coming, she screamed for weeks and didn’t want to go on any of the equipment. I was ready to give up. However, we kept persisting in coming with Andrea’s encouragement and after approximately one term (10 weeks) Aleisha finally decided it was fun. It was worth keeping on trying. I’m glad we didn’t give up. Thanks Andrea.

Mrs. Britten of Ponsonby Auckland NZ.

I have been bringing Jonathan for a term and a bit and plan to keep attending rather persue other activities. Jonathan has a right-sided hemiplegia and after two years of therapy and other gym classes provided for premature and slightly disabled children, I have been amazed at the increase in his all round confidence, strength and co-ordination from Andrea’s KidzEd. Thanks Andrea, keep up the good work!

Mrs. Hill-Hahr of Ponsonby Auckland NZ.

I wish I had discovered KidzEd a year or more ago. Jeremy suffered a stroke at two years old and his co-ordination and movements were very poor. After six months with Andrea, Jeremy has become very physical, confident, is climbing on the adventure playground, jumping with both legs and shows very little sign of being far behind physically. His speech has improved dramatically also. Great stuff – highly recommended.

Kate Carlisle Reg Nurse of Sunnynook Auckland NZ.

Ben (Arnick) was “commando” crawling at six months. Two days after his first class at KidzEd with frequent exercises at home, he began “normal crawling”. Andrea really knows her stuff. Thanks.

Mrs. Kai Stanley of Sunnynook Auckland NZ.

In the five years I was bringing my two grandsons (Campbell and Stanley) they have had enjoyable times. I loved it very much. I feel I need to have fun too. It is fun as learning. Kai

Katie White Reg. Nurse of Sunnynook Auckland NZ.

I am now on to my second child attending KidzEd. KidzEd is great for co-ordination, learning colours, numbers and for one hour to participate in a group. All my children have learnt so much from from KidzEd. Thanks Andrea, once again!

Sonya Gant of Auckland NZ.

Tom is learning KidzEd for Kindergarten now. In the year I have been bringing him, he has advanced in all areas – physically, emotionally and importantly to listen to commands and to work in a group situation. Thanks Andrea!

Nicky Tiffin of Auckland NZ.

James (10 months) and I came along last week. James wasn’t crawling….but that afternoon he started crawling! And climbing up onto everything! He also seems more alert watching everything. Thanks Andrea (I think!!)

Lisa Lowndes of Auckland NZ.

The social interaction has been great for Max. The one and half years of KidzEd have helped to teach him the concepts of listening, group play as well as all the physical things. We’ve had lots of fun. Thanks.